Meet Billy Mink!

Billy Mink is a snooty mink who always wears his own mink coat (don't worry, it's fake fur)! Billy is very English and a bit of a snob, and he's frenemies with the French-speaking Joe Otter. The two always find something to bicker about, but they can't stay mad for long.
Billy Mink is on a mission from the mysterious Captain Nemo in the animated series "Maritime Mink". From his lair aboard the Nautilus, Nemo sends Billy on a journey around the Maritimes and New England to gather the lost pieces of the legendary Wreath of Picea Rubens. When the red spruce wreath is reassembled it will harness ancient energy from the deepest oceans.... but all that's a little deep for our Billy! He prefers to visit amazing places, meet the crazy characters who inhabit the east coast, have some fine seafood dining, and be the star of his own story!
Billy Mink episodes, stories and educational outreach are created by Kidoons in partnership with museums, national historic sites, and organizations.